Day Patient Programs

We offer a range of Day Patient Programs on an outpatient basis which means patients can attend their treatment program during the day and then return home or wherever they are staying. Our specialist day patient team is committed to delivering tailored care to the highest standard to improve the lives of our patients and their families.

Tailored Therapy

Our Tailored Therapy Treatment Program comprises a personalised combination of several group therapy sessions on a wide range of topics to meet individual clients needs and offers flexibility in treatment.

CBT Anxiety Program

TPH’s CBT Program for Anxiety Disorders teaches clients techniques to reduce the effects of high anxiety. It is a structured psychological treatment focused on changing unhelpful thoughts (cognitions) and behaviours to improve clients’ health and wellbeing.

CBT Mood Disorders Program

Our CBT Program for Mood Disorders is designed to help clients manage their moods and improve quality of life. As part of the program, we teach new cognitive and behavioural skills to help clients manage symptoms and achieve greater emotional stability.

Employment Related Trauma Recovery

TPH’s Employment Related Trauma Recovery Program is a posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) treatment designed to help clients recover from exposure to trauma, improve their moods and emotional stability and reduce the symptoms of PTSD.