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privacy & confidentiality

496 Milton Road, Toowong, Queensland 4066.
Telephone: 07 3721 8000
Toowong Private Hospital is accredited by SAI Global to Quality ISO 9001+ NSQHS requirements and is a teaching Hospital of The University of Queensland.

Toowong Private Hospital acknowledges the capabilities of families and non-professional carers, (hereafter called 'carer'), and recognises the contribution they make to the support and care of people with mental health problems and mental disorders.

The RIGHTS of carers include:

  • CARERS INVOLVEMENT - All carers have the right to advocate on behalf of a
        patient at the patient's request, or to advocate on behalf of other carers or
        consumers. This can be achieved by providing constructive feedback about
        improving the quality of services provided at the Hospital through a formal
        correspondence process or affiliation with the Toowong Private Hospital
        Consumers and Carers Advisory Committee.

  • COMMENTS AND COMPLAINTS - All carers have the right to receive
        information about how to lodge a complaint, to make comment or initiate
        complaints and receive a prompt response with regard to any aspect of the
        patient's treatment and care, with the consent of the patient, where

  • IDENTIFICATION OF PERSONNEL - All carers have the right to know the
        identity and professional status of individuals providing services and care
        for their relative or friend.

  • LEAVE FROM THE HOSPITAL - Where the carer is intended to take some
        responsibility for the patient during day or overnight leave, carers have a
        right to be involved in decisions regarding leave.

  • MEDICAL INFORMATION - Carers have the right to ask questions and to
        obtain information and education to support their relative or friend. This
        information should be communicated in terms that can be reasonably
        understood and with respect to patient confidentiality and privacy.

  • ACCESSIBIITY - All carers have the right to place limits on their accessibility
        and availability to the patient including visits, telephone, email etc.

        1. The carer may participate in the treatment planning, delivery and
            coordination of care, including progress review of the patient. This should
            be done with the patient's consent and as planned with their treating
            psychiatrist and other members of the clinical team.
        2. It is expected that the carer should cooperative with the treating
            psychiatrist, nursing and allied health clinical staff.
        3. The carer may provide information to the treating psychiatrist and clinical
            staff, which is deemed relevant to the assessment and treatment of the

  • PRIVACY AND CONFIDENTIALITY - All carers have the right to privacy as
        defined by legislation. Carers have the right to be interviewed in
        surroundings designed to assure reasonable privacy and any discussion
        about the patient's care and treatment  will be conducted discreetly.

  • RESPECT AND DIGNITY - All carers have the right to be treated in a manner
        that is considerate and respectful, acknowledging personal dignity and
        values, responsive to cultural and linguistically diverse backgrounds or
        special needs.

  • SECOND OPINION - Carers may seek further opinions in consultation with
        the patient, about the diagnosis, care and treatment of their relative and
        friend. It is the patient and carer's responsibility to organise this.

  • SUPPORT SERVICES - All carers have the right to be made aware of, and
        referred to, services and support for carers, where appropriate.