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496 Milton Road, Toowong, Queensland 4066.
Telephone: 07 3721 8000
Toowong Private Hospital is accredited by SAI Global to Quality ISO 9001+ NSQHS requirements and is a teaching Hospital of The University of Queensland.


People with an acute mental health condition benefit from frequent and regular contact with their treating health professionals.

For patients with private health insurance, Toowong Private Hospital’s Assertive Community Treatment (ACT)  Program offers the regular contact they need without hospital admission. By providing a ‘hospital in the home’ service incorporating no less than two face-to-face visits every week with their treating health professionals, the ACT program provides an additional treatment option in preference to ongoing inpatient care and treatment.

The ACT program delivers many benefits to the patient including early
discharge from hospital, and in some cases, it eliminates the need for hospital
admission altogether.


A nurse or allied health professional will visit the patient at home or another mutually convenient place to assist them to manage their mental health issues.

The frequency of visits and type of support provided will vary depending on the clinical needs of the patient but is likely to include:

providing information and strategies to better cope with daily stressors,
providing information on physical health and general wellbeing
providing assistance with understanding and managing medication effectively
liaising closely with family and carers, as appropriate and with the
patient's consent
helping the patient to link into and utilise other community health
and support services
increasing functioning within the patient's home environment and
the community
monitoring improvements in the patient's mental health
reducing the frequency of required hospital admissions.



Entry into Toowong Private Hospital's Assertive Community Treatment Program
is through referral from the person's treating psychiatrist to the Community Services Manager. The Community Services Manager will determine the person’s suitability and confirm that they are covered by their private health fund.

Should the person be eligible, they will be contacted by a nurse or allied health
professional to arrange an initial assessment and organise ongoing support
and follow-up.