privacy & confidentiality

496 Milton Road, Toowong, Queensland 4066.
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Toowong Private Hospital is accredited by SAI Global to Quality ISO 9001+ NSQHS requirements and is a teaching Hospital of The University of Queensland.

All Employees, Accredited Practitioners and Service Providers are required to sign a confidentiality agreement on the commencement of their employment with Toowong Private Hospital acknowledging their obligations of confidentiality. It sets out the general obligations on staff with respect to the use and disclosure of personal information, including to ensure compliance with obligations pursuant to the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth).

Personal information is any information from which the identity of a person can be reasonably ascertained.

Under no circumstances should there be disclosure of:

  • the fact of any persons admission to the Toowong Private Hospital;
  • information which might lead to identification of a patient;
  • particulars of any patient including their treatment or any information
       contained in their medical records;
  • any document (or copy of any document) pertaining to a patient including their
       medical record unless the criteria of the Medical Record: Request for Access
       to Information Policy is met;
  • the business operations of Toowong Private Hospital;
  • information concerning other Employees of and Service Providers to Toowong
       Private Hospital;
  • any information of a commercial, operational, marketing, business, technical
       or financial nature relating to the affairs of Toowong Private Hospital;
  • terms of condition of employment or of other employees employment at
       Toowong Private Hospital.

The duty of confidentiality continues after termination of any employment, engagement or association with the Hospital.
The same obligations of confidentiality apply to social networking technology such as Facebook and Twitter.

Employees, Accredited Practitioners and Service Providers are not permitted to transmit or provide original or photocopies of any confidential information to patients, visitors or persons outside the organisation (including the police and/or media) except by the chief executive officer or its delegate.

Exceptions to the prohibitions on disclosure as regards patients in the Hospital are only allowed where such a disclosure is required. For example:

  • in the proper performance of professional duties concerning the Hospital or
       the patient;
  • if required or compelled by law;
  • in applications to and correspondence with any health fund to the extent as
       may be reasonably required for such purpose.

Breaches of the duty of confidentiality are regarded as a serious betrayal of trust and could lead to disciplinary action resulting in dismissal or termination of services.