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privacy & confidentiality

496 Milton Road, Toowong, Queensland 4066.
Telephone: 07 3721 8000
Toowong Private Hospital is accredited by SAI Global to Quality ISO 9001+ NSQHS requirements and is a teaching Hospital of The University of Queensland


Toowong Private Hospital recognises and acknowledges that all patients have important rights and responsibilities.

The RESPONSIBILITIES of every patient include:

  • ABSENCES FROM HOSPITAL - Voluntary patients are not constrained to the
       Hospital premises. However patients must:
  •     1. Notify of any departure and return to the Nurses' Station.
        2. Observe Hospital policy in relation to hours of the departure and return.
        3. Understand that they are responsible for their own care, health and
            safety from the time of departure from the Hospital.

       Those patients hospitalised under the Mental Health Act must comply with
       legislative requirements in regard to absence and/or leave from the

  • ADVANCED HEALTH DIRECTIVES - All patients have a responsibility for
       providing their treating psychiatrist with a copy of this directive, and informing
       health care staff of this action.

       consumption of alcohol, non-prescribed medication or illicit drugs is
       prohibited within the grounds of Toowong Private Hospital. It is also the
       patient's responsibility that such substances are not consumed to any
       extent that may conflict with treatment or medication whilst temporarily
       absent from the Hospital. Use of substances may result in discharge.

  • CARE OF VALUABLES - Patients are responsible for the care of their own
        personal items and valuables. Where possible, valuables should be sent
        home, and not be left unsecured in patients' rooms. Any valuables patients
        wish to keep should be secured in the locked drawer in each patient's room
        or deposited at Reception for securing in the Hospital safe. The Hospital
        reserves the right to decline to accept valuables for safekeeping. Any
        valuables deposited are retained at the risk of patients.

        1. Patients should participate in their treatment and care as planned with their
            psychiatrist and other members of the clinical team.
        2. Patients should cooperate with nursing and allied health clinical staff.
        3. Patients should identify themselves when asked by a member of the
            clinical team, before procedures or medicines can be administered.

  • FINANCIAL LIABILITY - All patients have a responsibility to be, or to become,
        fully aware of the costs incurred during their admission, including treatment,
        and payment of personal items such as pharmacy and telephone calls.
        Patients should also be aware of any co payments or excesses related to
        their health insurance.

  • MEDICATION - Patients have the responsibility of delivering any personal
        medication to the Nurses' Station. Medication must not be kept in patients'

  • PROVISION OF INFORMATION - All patients have the responsibility to
        provide, to the best of their knowledge, accurate and complete information
        about their presenting problem/s, past illnesses, previous hospitalisations,
        medications and other matters relating to their health and treatment.
        All patients have the responsibility to seek information from their doctor and
        the treating clinical team, about their proposed treatment and care and
        expectations as a patient.

  • RESPECT AND CONSIDERATION - All patients have the responsibility for
        being considerate and respectful of the rights of other patients, Hospital
        personnel and visitors. The responsibility to respect others privacy applies to
        photography or social networking technology such as Facebook and Twitter.
        All patients have the responsibility of treating all hospital property with respect
        and care.

  • SAFETY - All patients have the responsibility of ensuring, as far as possible,
        their own and others' safety both inside and outside of the Hospital and its
        grounds. This includes the responsibility to report any hazards at the facility,
        which may compromise the health and safety of others.

  • SMOKING - All patients have the responsibility of ensuring they do not smoke
        within the Hospital's facilities and grounds and for five metres beyond the
        hospital's boundaries.  This requirement applies to all smoking products
        including regular cigarettes and devices commonly known as electronic

  • THREATENING BEHAVIOUR - All patients have the responsibility to accept
        and  comply with zero tolerance of aggression towards staff and / or other

  • VEHICLES - All patients are discouraged from driving their vehicles to the
        Hospital. If driving or parking a vehicle in the Hospital grounds, patients do
        so at their own risk without any responsibility on the part of the Hospital for
        loss or damage to vehicles or persons. If an inpatient, the patient has a
        responsibility to handover their car keys to nursing staff for safe keeping
        throughout their admission.