Community Based Programs

TPH also provide treatment services for patients beyond our hospital grounds. Our community care programs can be offered in place of a hospital admission, to support patients after discharge from hospital or to help prevent relapse. These Community Services are delivered by multi-disciplined mental health practitioners who focus on improving the health and wellbeing of clients and providing support to their families.

Assertive Community
Treatment (ACT) Program

The ACT program provides integrated hospital-in-the-home services delivered by a multi-disciplinary team. It aims to substitute hospital admissions with intensive acute treatment and support in the community, and reduce the need for prolonged or recurrent acute inpatient services.

Mobile Recovery
Support Service

The Mobile Recovery Support Service (MRSS) is an 18 month pilot program that commenced in April 2017. The service is for eligible Bupa members living with a mental illness, who are at risk of admission, and require support in relation to self-management of their wellbeing.

The service is aimed at supporting members in the community to minimise further hospitalisations and reduce the length of stay when admitted to inpatient services.

Mental Health Nursing in Brisbane Program (MHNiB)

This program is for adults with a severe mental illness and complex health issues who primarily receive their mental healthcare from a GP or community based psychiatrist. The program is available to people living in the North Brisbane and Moreton Bay region and involves a mental health nurse working in collaboration with the person’s GP or psychiatrist to provide them with clinical care coordination and treatment services.

The MHNiB is delivered to patients in the community as home visits, phone contact and/or outpatient reviews.

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